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Thread: earning on twitter

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    Default earning on twitter

    hi friends.

    i am new to the twitter website.i had come to know that we can large amounts from can we earn such amount.what are the ways to earning from twitter.would u please help me?

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    I want to also know, How I can earn money on twitter.
    Any one can help us about this problem?

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    One of them is to advertise some one products or links on your twitter account.

    The charges are depend upon your followers on Twitter, I think some of the sites are providing this facilities not very sure about this sites need to google it.


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    If you want make money with Twitter, you must have verified Paypal account before. And then, you can create account at revtwt. Your Twitter must have min. 50 followers and u can make money by send ads to your tweet

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    i naver seen any one in my life who earn from twitter
    how is possible?

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    I want also to know how to earn money in twitter? I know you can get money if there are some people visit your site and buy products. But what I mean is an ads. Something that you create an account and put an ads like in adsense.

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    If you have many followers

    There are sites that sell ads on twiter

    Shoemoney sold 1 tweet for 5k

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    I have a few ebooks on how to earn from Twitter if anyone is interested. Just PM me.

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    Mainly using Twitter is just about getting traffic and advertisign and earning money from your sites and products. Earning money directly with Twitter is hard

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