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Thread: Can i earn through proxy server?

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    Question Can i earn through proxy server?

    Go to proxy server site and surf my blog through it.
    in blog Adbrite Ads are there. so i get click on my blog.
    is this click are valid?

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    not valid, it will be count as illegal, its now allowed to click yourself hehehe

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    I know it's illegal but how know they my ip address because i am using proxy server they not know my ip address.

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    Unfortunately for adbrite (or even Adsense), they cannot detect if you are clicking on your own ads ONLY IF your IP Address belongs to an untrackable and well-hidden proxy server (transparent and open proxy server wont work). However, it might be suspicious to adbrite or adsense if they discovered your earnings skyrocketed overnight. So if you gonna do it, my advice is dont overdo it.

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    do not try proxy sites to surf your own ads ever.
    google and adbrite are smart enough to detect and thus will result in your account getting banned..
    though you may ask others to click on your ads,a better option than surfing your own ads

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    Well most proxy sites are easily detected as being proxy take your proxy site and search on a web domain search most likely it will tell you site seems to be a proxy server or using. And specially for giving money most people tend to be secure and cheap x] so surely they will check into it

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    how about when we use the onion router? [TOR] torproject.org
    i heard this can't be detected.

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    From my point of view it is best to get some friends to click from time to time on ads on your site. I have a few friends who click ads on my site

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    I dont know for adsense, but for adbrite they fairly do not know or can trace you as they do not have much millions to do a trace with scientic method such as google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djk View Post
    Go to proxy server site and surf my blog through it.
    in blog Adbrite Ads are there. so i get click on my blog.
    is this click are valid?
    This is a Pathetic question. It's people like you that drive down revenue for the rest of us. The more false clicks and non converting ads the lower the payout. This goes for everyone in this thread that does this.
    News Flash! Try to become a real Webmaster and develop a useful website, then this practice wouldn't need to be used.

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