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Thread: internet speed test in mbps

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    Default internet speed test in mbps

    i need assistance.....where can i find the stuff............................................. .

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    you can try with, it shows the download speed and upload speed of your internet connection.

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    SpeedTest would be your best choice, since they offer good resources for testing purposes.

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    Default, you can get the speed in mbps.......
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    you can go to and take an internet speed test.

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    good shareing i wil go and chak my internet speed thanks you

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    Listen basically 1000kb is the same as 1mb so you don't need to know very much. gives you the info in mbs. Just make sure you check on a few different areas since we communicate all over the world.

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    yeah just go for speedtest, i dont see any other better site
    some people get confused with MB/s and mb/s

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    Search on google for free site test sites. You will find number of sites providing the speed test.

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    go and visit: there u can text your internet speed

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