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Thread: Twitter improving SEO?

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    Question Twitter improving SEO?

    Is a Twitter link on ones own page really improving SEO at Google and Co. ?


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    i guess so. i noticed if you're a participant of the ongoing SEO contest in this forum, someone had a twitter account only for the contest and this twitter account is really visible in the search result.

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    Twitter is a giant online conversation where millions of users exchange ideas and information. Since Twitter search pulls information from this enormous pool, it’s important that you add relevant content and links where appropriate using the keyword research insights you learned in step one. Sure, you only get 140 characters of space but that doesn’t mean you can’t pack a punch and gain attention. Spark up debate and conversation in your niche, answer questions, and add relevant content and advice whenever possible. Be an expert and an authority and engage with anyone and everyone. It will pay off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by traffic-tactics-forum View Post
    Is a Twitter link on ones own page really improving SEO at Google and Co. ?

    For SEO, Twitter's a big help for us and it's used for viral marketing nowadays. Of course many businessmen are using Twitter to gain a lot of followers. The more followers, the better to have a chance to gain more traffic to your website.

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    I have a business aquaintance who swears by it and invests a lot of time in it.

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    no never, twitter is not offering doffolow services anymore

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    I've received traffic that came from my Tweets, so I guess the social site is quite helpful in attracting visitors.

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    There are many person use twitter, Of course many businessmen & celebrity are using Twitter to gain a lot of followers.

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    I haven't seen a lot of SEO traffic from twitter. There is organic traffic, however. If you interest your followers, they'll visit your media pages. Like anything, it's definitely work.

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    Twitter is a social networking site ! I am not sure about twitter does twitter help for SEO yes or not but I think somewhere twitter helps for SEO !

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