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Thread: How to transfer blogspot site to new domain?

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    Default How to transfer blogspot site to new domain?

    Hi, guys, I have a blog site hosted in blogspot, due to the easy used of blogspot interface, i can setup my blogsite easily. But in order to improves my site traffic, i decided to move my existing blog to the new site, but i still want to remain the blogspot easy interface to design the website, is it possible?

    How to transfer my blogspot theme and site to the new hosting with cpanel?

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    I am thinking for quite some time to move Quick Online Tips to my own webhosting and domain name. The problem is that it is not so easy to move a website from Blogspot / Blogger to own web hosting. I tried this & failed. But normally for domai transfer i prefer http://www.tucktail.com/

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    I would like to help you to this.. and why don't you try wordpress platform? I am willing to help you.. just for free. lol!

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    Go to your blogs settings under it is a link publishing. From there you just have to follow the instruction. just click custom domian.

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    As someone has pointed out you can forward the .blogspot.com address to your own domain name. If you?re looking for more control of your blog I highly recommend WordPress.

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    i think is easy,just login to your blog
    1. go to setting,and clik publishing.
    2. on publishing switch to your custom domain, check Redirect your domain to www.your domain name .
    3. save it.
    4. setting zone record on your hosting (but this different look/try depending on each host ).
    CNAME set to ghs.google.com, (www=hostname, ghs.google.com=addres)
    A addres you can set to (@ =hostname, one by one.

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    I just set mine own domain before 2 days ago
    you need to do 2 thing
    1. set up ur domain(its deferment by the domain company )
    2. set ur blogger

    plz can you tell me from where you buy ur domain then i can tell you clearly

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    thank you i will transfer my blogspot soon

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    I suppose you will need to register your own TLD or ccTLD for this purpose.

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