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Thread: Dont stop laughing

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    Default Dont stop laughing

    Its about a customer visiting a store.

    customer : what's the gaurantee of this mirror.

    sales executive : throw it down from 50 feet height it wont break till 49 feet.

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    uh it was mildly amusing.. but uh.. not so much funny gut buster..

    funny just not as funny as i'd hoped..

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    uummmnnn... i don't get this,... or just me


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    It can be for stop laughing instead of dont stop laughing.

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    What is this? A little bit confused about this thread..

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    it isn't funny by the way he wrote it.

    the mirror really won't break
    unless it will hit the ground of course.

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    ya its good joke by knowledgeable man. and some times i dot try on shopkeeper

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    Could have been better if written: throw it down from 50 feet height it wont break UPTO 49 feet.

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    A very tricky salesman of course, but he was just trying to joke, I suppose...

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    Default a good one

    good one
    new uncopied
    i never heard it before
    good post more good jokes mate

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