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Thread: eBay or Amazon?

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    Default eBay or Amazon?

    Which one of the two do you prefer for selling or purchasing stuff? I am much into ebaying, no experience with Amazon.

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    Thumbs up Ebay or amazon

    I would prefer Ebay.Its popularity is increasing day by day.
    Dont know more about amazon but Many of my friend use Ebay and they say its working good for them.

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    For electronics and gadgets the e-bay is good.

    Whereas amazon is good for MOVIE DVD's and books like that kind of stuff.

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    i also prefer ebay but for purchasing mobile phones, nothing else i purchase from there lol

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    i do like amazon for buy right now i'm now selling
    they seems to be more professionals

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    I don't buy any kinds of product on the NET yet. but if i wants to buy i will choose Ebay for that.

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    I always prefer ebay.. it has a lot of product and much chepaer Ebay is the best..

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    I will keep Amazon one step ahead of ebay for selling and buying in internet.eBay has created an environment of distrust between its sellers and buyers and its has been many times when people reporting about sellers and buyers in ebay.However Amazon have much more trusted seller and buyers.

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    Ebay is more better than amazon because ebay is widely trusted and more people go to ebay than amazon i prefer ebay

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    Hi I prefer ebay its good and simple to use and good list is there Thanks

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