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Thread: Pie Chart Usign PHP

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    Default Pie Chart Usign PHP

    I have already fetched data from the mysql table. I want to make pie chart using these datas , can anyone tell me how can I make pie chart using php? Is there any tutorial available online? Please point me to that tutorial.

    Thank you

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    I did not get any tutorial but have an idea. If u can fetch the values then can u dynamically bind it with a flash file n display the pie chart as a flash component. hope it may help.

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    hi nikon..
    after fetching the data the procedure is given to this link...
    please refer.......

    hope it works for you....

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    You can use GD functions to create bar chart...
    For more information follow below article...

    How to create bar graph in PHP with dynamic scaling -> How to create bar graph with dynamic scaling

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    you might just want to have a look at FusionCharts or FusionCharts Free They integrate very well with PHP using their native PHP API and offer nice charting options. If you face any problems, I'll be glad to help.

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    Can you paste your code here so i can design code of pie chart according to your need?

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