Hi Everybody,
Here are some tips that you should consider before hiring a logo designer for your business:

1. Always ask for reference. Also, follow up with the references provided to ensure that the work experience provided is authentic.

2. If you do not have a clear picture in your mind as to how your logo should look, then confirm from the designers if they will provide options. Only, if you have options, can you pick the best. The more money that you will be paying for the logo, the more number of options you should receive.

3. Always demand for a schedule beforehand. You will also need to set time aside so that the designers can incorporate the changes that you suggest.
Look for designer companies with more designers working in it. Although it is not always necessary, but there are chances that you will get more variety as there will be more people working on your logo.

4. Ensure that the designer will not use any clip art or existing templates while designing your logos. Not only will you end up with a badly designed logo, which will not even be unique, you may even face copyright charges.

5. Insist that the final copy of the logo is provided in a Adobe Illustrator or an EPS file which will allow you to scale your logo as and when required. JPG and other bitmap formats will be of no use when you want to put up your logo on a large poster or a billboard.
Verify that you will be the legal copyright owner of the logo after it is finalized and the designer will not have any legal rights on it.

6. Negotiate on the price and ensure that you are not being over charged. Some designers offer packages that include the entire cost including the cost of revision. Look on the Internet and you will get an idea about the basic cost and will know how far you can negotiate.

7. If a reputed designing company is not willing to negotiate on the price, you can ask them to provide some additional benefits like letter heads, business cards or even a basic website with your logo on it.