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Thread: What one must look for in WordPress hosting?

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    Default What one must look for in WordPress hosting?

    WordPress is a powerful blogging platform that content management system. The WordPress hosting platform enables the user to create an impressive and efficient website that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. If would like to host your website on a WordPress hosting plan, then you must look for the following features:

    * Free WordPress download and installation
    * Free themes and templates
    * Plug-ins and extensions offered
    * 24/7 Technical support
    * WordPress enabled with any type of hosting plan

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    I am looking for a good host that can support wordpress sites.
    Need 5GB space, 80GB bandwidth, wordpress support.
    I found Do you think that they can be good for running wordpress sites?

    Any reliable hosting providers?

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    Default is good one.
    These guys take personal help to a whole new level - screw the big named networks and get going with these guys. They'll hand feed you PPV campaigns!

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    if u have wordpress blog then don't go for hosting for plz read the tos and chat them.
    also check the reviews of bluhost.

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    VPS hosting and WordPress come together as a perfect match due to the great variety and diversity in functions and features that the VPS has to offer and all of those features are almost created to support WordPress.

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    wordpress can work on most hosting companies actually. so all you need is to search for reliable ones

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    Post Re:

    As of me the factors that determine a good WordPress hosting company from other companies are the features and support they deliver. Hence, you should make sure to choose a consistent and truthful WordPress web hosting company that also provides you with a lucrative plan.

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    Wordpress and VPS like hosting

    That is why the best solution for many bloggers who have 2000 or more hits a day with multimedia content, is the VPS. VPS with its many features, including increase of resources in a short time, security level of a dedicated server and many other features represent an ideal solution for them. Their own control of resources and of course their own access to internet represents a priceless advantage to situations that occur frequently with shared hosting servers. Now the thing that all of the bloggers will look out when using VPS is the various applications they can install when using it, not to mention all of the different plugins to support different formats and different content making the blog more accessible and more reliable. However the side effect to this is the slowdown in the overall performance of the server. Depending on what type of service you provide you will configure the WordPress and the server to your needs trying to satisfy the needs of all of the visitors, but in the same time not to endanger yourself. The key thing when using WordPress to maintaining your blog fast and reliable is the frequent searches for updates and of course the obligatory update as soon as it is available. The boost that you might get can be crucial whether it is in a form of security or performance.

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    Wordpress has opened a new gateway for bloggers. Ease of use and many plugins in WP make it so good.

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    There is nothing like a Wordpress hosting. It is plain PHP / MySQL shared hosting. Hosts simply use these terms to attract people who have no idea what they are doing.

    * Free WordPress download and installation
    Wordpress is always free to download and install.
    Free themes and templates
    There are thousands of free themes available all over the net.
    Plug-ins and extensions offered
    Again these are developed by community and hosts have nothing to do with it.
    24/7 Technical support
    That is standard hosting feature. Nothing to do with WP
    WordPress enabled with any type of hosting plan
    Funny? There is nothing to enable! WP is a normal PHP script that works on almost all configurations.

    My advice? Ban the thread starter. What is the point in misleading people?
    Hosting Reviews: Bluehost Review and Hostmonster Review

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