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    How does create a logo?someone help me.

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    If you have good Photoshop skills and know your way thru the various tools, you can make a logo yourself...
    or else ask anyone here, if they can make it for u.

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    If you donít have knowledge regarding designing but familiar with Photoshop then it is very good to refer some online tutorials of the logo design so you will able to learn step by step procedure and get rough idea to create logo because practice is must in the designing and yes as per my opinion for logo designing Photoshop cs5 is the best.

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    TO know about web design at first you have to about graphic design, Because graphic design is needed.
    These guys take personal help to a whole new level - screw the big named networks and get going with these guys. They'll hand feed you PPV campaigns!

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    You can try some mapping software.

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    You can use photoshop.If you don't know how to use,you can search from google the lessons about designing.

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