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Thread: Re view my site

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    Default Re view my site

    Here is the link of my site 50% off Sale Prices - Loose Diamonds| Buy Natural Cheap Diamond| Store|Solitaire which is online diamond jewelry store offering certified diamond jewelry at lowest price. but the problem is the actual shopping takes place to my Ebay store . so is it ok or can it make big difference..?

    please give us opinion..

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    not bad. the logo seem similar to ebay too why didn't you use shopping cms there are lots of it available online.

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    I always like to capture visitors details by offering some free information, ie how to look after jewelry, via an autoresponder such as Aweber.It all helps to build a customer base.

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    Website main colors are black.

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    Nice website. Would be expensive

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    Logo doesn't match the site. Black background. Logo would be better in a shiny silver which would match the product too.

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    Beautiful website with colourful website.

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    Good one. I like your website a lot.

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    It looks ok I suppose, needs some work though.

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